Spine Surgery

Spine unit of Metropolitan Hospital had its inception under the able guidance of Dr.K.P.Ramimar. This unit was probably one of the earliest Spine unit of the state .The tradition of excellence is the hallmark of this Department.
The Spine unit caters to a large population from Thrissur and neighboring Districts. The patients belong to different economic and financial constraint does not hamper access to patients care.
The present social and occupational circumstances force many of us to misuse the Spine. Postural back and neck pains extremely common and is going to be more prevalent with wide spread use of computer while decreasing the time spent on physical activity. Obesity is yet another factor. The Spine unit takes care to educate the patient regarding the life style factor while treating these problems. A part from regular out patient clinic, a large number of patient are given inpatient care.

The following surgical procedures and done routinely in this unit
Lumbar Disc surgeries are done microscopically and using the Endoscopic Destandau Technique. These minimal access procedures ensures that patients get good pain relisf with the hospital say reduced to about one or two days. Lumber inter body fusion/postero lateral fusion are performed for the patients with spinal instability.
Many patients are seen with Taruma resulting in spinal fractures. Many of them can be managed non operatively. But few patients who require surgical treatment are managed immediately so that they have a good chance to recover their health as early as possible and return to work. Some children, especially girls in young age group are seen with deformities of the Spine (Scolisis). This needs surgical treatment in a few and this is a procedures are done frequently and deformities are well corrected
Large number of elderly women suffer from pour bone strength- Osteoporsis. Early detection and prompt treatment helps in correcting this disease and prevent complication like pain and fracture which lead to poor quality of life. A healthy life style combine with proper diet and physical activity along with calcium supplement can help treat this condition. Spine unit takes part in education our people about this and help raise the awareness. Occasionally the Spine fracture seen in this condition fail to heal and become painful. In those patients the spine unit uses the Technique of Vertebroplasty to alleviate the pain.
The unit is also actively involved in teaching the Orthopeadic trainees and nurses about disease of the Spine and its management.

This unit presently has Dr. K.P. Ramakumar, DR. Jim. F Vellara and Dr. Vivek Vincent as Consultants