Department of Pediatrics
This Hospital is accredited as Baby friendly with full-fledged Pediatrics wards and Critical Baby unit having facilities for monitoring of pre-team and low birth weight babies. All routine pediatric condition are also dealt with diligently

Medical care for children is always a sensitive issue. Metropolitan hospital ensures that this is kept in mind at all times so that young patient receives the best treatment and care for his special and emotional needs. The pediatric department lays great emphasis on the communication aspect so as to correctly understand the problems of the child and provide necessary treatment. The 24 hour pediatric emergency room forms an important part of this department.

  • Emergency pediatric services : 24 hr x 365 days
  • Pediatric nephrology clinic
  • Asthma clinic
  • Pediatric surgery
  • Child pshychology and learning enhancement centre

Our Doctor's
    • Dr. L.K. Manavalan MBBS DCH
    • Dr. V.R. Aloke Consultant neonatologyist and Pediatrics
    • Dr. Paulin Michael